Sunday, March 25, 2012

Space Wolves Salvo

Well, the Space Wolves are pretty much done (they have been for nearly a week) and it's time to post a whole lot of pictures. Let's start out at the top:
The last model I added is the first model to be displayed. We begin with Njal Stormcaller in power armor. This is a fairly old mini, and the age is starting to show. I picked him up in Finecast (in fact several of the minis in this army are resin) against my better judgement. This guy has to be mail ordered, and if he came out miscast (as so many Finecast models have) I'd have a pretty tough time returning him. Luckily the only flaw was a tiny air bubble on the underside of the little pouch on his staff.
Next up we have Njal in terminator armor. He's tougher this way, but he requires a Wolf Guard terminator bodyguard to be protected, and a Land Raider to ride around in, so he's pretty much shelved except for more whimsical games. He's another Finecast mini, and the wolf tail on his staff came broken off, but it wasn't too much of a hassle to bodge it into place.
Now we move on to the big guys, and the hero of my first game with this army. The Wolf Lord armed with a Frost Axe. His speed and hitting power (especially when he goes Super Saiyan with his Saga of the Warrior Born) make him a wrecking ball.
This guy is my big game hunter. Toting a Thunder Hammer, this guy is designed to hunt down big close combat threats. His Saga of the Beast Slayer combined with his Wolftooth Necklace ensures he hits everything that is a walker or monstrous creature on a 3+, re-rolling misses. Whacking things at strength 10 doesn't hurt either.
 Finally, there's my Rune Priest. I decided on a rat for his Chooser of the Slain as it's the only animal I had available.
From HQ we move on to Elites choices, and the first two minis I painted for the army. Toting a pair of twin-linked Autocannons each, these bad boys are threat to any APC they encounter. Gotta love Dreadnoughts.
...And here's a photo of Njal and his Terminator bodyguard. Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields all around, except for the fellow carrying the Heavy Flamer and Chainfist (not enough hammers and shields for everybody, I'm afraid). That's okay toough. The 2d6 armor penetration will really help out against walkers and tanks.
Continuing my Wolf Guard, here are my fellows with Power Fists. They're intended to be split up and added to my Grey Hunters as pack leaders.
Next up are my Wolf Scouts. They're pretty good at disrupting enemy firebases with their "Behind Enemy Lines" rule. They're there to pop something with a Meltagun and to deliver a Wolf Guard model with a Power Fist where he can cause the most havoc.

Here are my Troops choices, four packs of Grey Hunters with their Razorbacks. I'd like for them all to have the Lascannon/Plasma Gun loadout, but alas, not enough Plasma Gun muzzles. That's okay though, as the twin-linkedLlascannons will help make up for the lacking Long Fang fire support.

Finally I'll show my Fast Attack choices, Thunderwolf Cavalry. Equipped with a Power Fist per squad and all toting Storm Shields, these monstrosities strike wherever it's most dangerous. Rending along with Strength 10 backhands allow them to charge recklessly into very bad situations.
Here it is, the entire army together at once. As I said before, I still need to paint up my Land Raider Crusader, but I think what I have painted has come out nicely.

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