Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Question of Dreads

Well, tomorrow I've got a game scheduled against a local player who's warming up for the NOVA Open. He wants me to take the hardest army I can field, and that brings up a question. Am I fielding the best army I can field, and if not how can I tighten it up?

This boils down to a few questions. That of anti-armor. Do I have enough assets in my army to deal with enemy tanks and worse yet, Terminators and their ilk. Should I take Dreadnoughts to strip the enemy of their rides? Those twin-linked Autocannons sure make a mess of vehicles, and it's two more minis with an armor value out there. They're even good for tying things like Imperial Guard blobs down for most of the game by charging things that can't crack their armor in close combat.

...Or should I field my Wolf Scouts? With Behind Enemy Lines they're likely to show up right behind the enemy firebase and at least pin it down- if not destroy it entirely. I've decided to trade their Meltabombs for a model with the Mark of the Wulfen, and give my Wolf Lord a Wolftooth Necklace. With the Wulfen scout cranking out D6+1 attacks a turn (with rending) this squad is more likely to win combats against Devastators and Long Fangs, but what about things like Obliterators? Should I plan around them? Do I add a Wolf Guard Pack Leader with a Power Fist?

Without my Wolf Scouts I'm relying on things like my Grey Hunters to get rid of firepower squads that camp out in buildings, as despite how fast my Thunderwolves can move, they can't climb. Do I really want to risk one of my four (fairly small) Troops choices in order to get a Power Fist into assault?

See? Too much stuff is rattling around in my head right now. I don't want to tailor my list to fight his. I want to field what I would bring to a tournament. Unfortunately I can't lay hands on four Lascannons or Missile Launchers right now, otherwise I'd plunk down some Long Fangs in place of some Thunderwolves. It's a conundrum for sure. I'll probably decide by rolling a die tomorrow. I'll be sure to take some photos tomorrow so you can see how things go. Until then, I'll keep pondering Dreadnoughts and Wolf Scouts...

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  1. Those Wolf Scouts are nasty. Mathhammer and the Internets say Rifledreads are the hotness, but they seem so underwhelming to me. Outside of Grey Knights that is.

    I'd think twice about tailoring my list if I were you because it will give your opponent the biggest challenge. Obviously it's not the sort of thing you want to make a habit, but if the goal is to provide stiff competition and difficult situations then a bit of tailoring will help. Nothing so drastic as "I know I can take X wargear to shut down Y unit," but loading up on stuff to mow down infantry or tanks as required will help your opponent prepare for worst case scenario match-ups. Of course you'll be limited by your collection, but I'm sure you have options.

    With options and limited collections in mind, you're welcome to borrow some missile launchers if you like. You'll have to deal with partially painted red marines, but it's an option. I can bring them to Game Parlor tonight if you like or we could do a hand-off tomorrow depending on when your game is.