Thursday, June 2, 2011

Triumph Over Wyches & More

Well, I've finished painting my first Wych squad. They're darker than the rest of my army, but that's because I have a set paint scheme; jade green armor, black bodysuits, purple cloth, brown skin, white hair, red drug injectors and bronze weapons. I like that the squad looks different than the rest of the army. They're part of a Wych Cult that's not part of the Kabal proper, so they ought to stand apart from the more heavily armored warriors.

My Haemonculus units (the Haemonculi themselves as well as their Wracks) will have a more dominant purple in their coloration, as all of them wear long skirts that, being made of cloth, end up purple. I think that this differentiates the units enough that you can tell that they're from different parts of Dark Eldar society, come together to make a whole.

As to weather or not their transports will have differing color schemes, I don't know, but I'm leaning towards no. At most I'll probably wind up giving them different decals on their sails, but I may just wind up giving different sails different meanings. The double sails will carry the Kabalite Warriors, the single sails will carry the Wyches.

Finally, the humidity here finally cracked enough to let me Dullcote my minis! Hurrah! the trick I learned in an article on the G.W. website (see, it's occasionally good for something) worked. For those of you who are curious, once you get the decal to adhere to the model you go over it and the surrounding area with gloss varnish. When you go over the area with matte varnish (Dullcote in my case) the seam around the decal disappears!

Now to work up the drive to paint my second Wych squad. Maybe after I finish this next essay. Yeah, that's it.


  1. Your horde is starting to put mine to shame. I don't know that I'd give the transports entirely different schemes, but a spot color or glyph to tie a squad to a transport would be good. Said color or glpyh would also double as a way to tell which model is in which squad. Let me know when is good for gaming with your school schedule.

  2. Well, as with my Plague Marines, I've got color-coded dots on the bottoms of my bases to differentiate them. My squads should never get close enough together to get confused, but if they do you just tip them a bit to see the dot. Works for one army, I don't see why it wouldn't work for this one as well.

    Should it become a sticky wicket, I can just paint the combat drug injectors different colors, I suppose.

    As far as school goes, I have Fridays off, and I get home from class around 4:30 on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday and Thursday remain as they were, with me needing to get ready for work at 3:00 so I can leave by 4:00.