Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Now Blobs Of Black, But Soon...

Well, it seems The War Store is out of Infinity starter sets, and I know for a fact my FLGS doesn't carry the game, I've decided to start painting my Anima: Tactics miniatures again. Since I'm currently out of dark red to start with, my initial faction; Church is out as I'm going with a red, black, white, and gold color scheme. My Samael force is also out as I was going to go with dark red and deep purple for their colors.

A touch miffed, I went through my Saga I & II book to see if there were any miniatures that didn't require red in their color scheme. It turns out Kujaku Hime and Takanosuke (the sword carrying girl and leaping ninja respectively) have no red in their paint scheme.

Takanosuke will be a great miniature to get my feet wet with, as, being a ninja, he has a lot of black cloth accented by a touch of purple. Kujaku on the other hand will be a lesson in bringing up a black primer to light colors, as she's all whites, pale flesh, pink and pastel purple. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intimidated by her. I probably should have primed her in white, but I didn't have any at the time, and I tend to prime in batches...

Well, it's off to get as much of a start as I can before work. Let's see how good I can paint when I try.


  1. I look forward for the painted versions. I'm sure they will be fantastic ! greetz

  2. Thanks! I managed to get Takanosuke pretty close to finished today before work, and I've put a dent in Kujaku's yukata. Let me tell you, freehand painting a bunch of flowers, including a ton of cherry blossoms, is a nightmare!

    After I write my next paper I should be able to finish up the minis, so hopefully I'll have the pictures up soon. I may even be a little bit bad and put the finishing touches on Takanosuke tonight before bed.