Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's Update: The Sguig-a-thon Nears its End

Well, actually I'm a little over half way through the squig herd. The squigs above have been matte varnished, and I've also added gloss varnish to the tongues, gums, and any other "slimy" parts. There will be a Squig Hopper mixed in as part of the herd, but since there's a goblin riding it, and I'm presently painting the goblins, that mini will not be shown until I've finished the herd and I show it off entirely.

There has been another development. My GW order arrived the other day, and so I've divided the Mangler Squig mini (they can sort of bee seen in the top left corner) and placed it on two bases. After doing that I added some extra mayhem in the form on additional Squig Hoppers to the minis.

I also have put together the movement trays for my regiments.

Everything, Night Goblins, Mangler Squigs, Trolls, and movement trays have been sanded and most of that stuff has been primed. I drybrushed the sides of the movement trays, but they're kind of boring, so you'll only see them in action with my regiments on them.

Now I just need to resist the temptation to paint the Manglers or the two Trolls instead of putting a dent in the Night Goblin horde. It's a lot of minis to paint, so I'm going to break the regiment up into batches so that I don't go mad painting them and abandon the army altogether again.

For now, however, it's time to get prepped for work.

Hopefully I'll have the army ready to be displayed before I get married in October. Here's hoping, eh?

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