Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dungeons And, Well, You Know...

More Super Dungeon Explore goodness, and this time I've finished up the heroes. Today I present to you my latest progress, and it's rather substantial.
The Glimmerdusk Ranger, Ember Mage, and Boo Booty were my first accomplishments. I especially like the way the Boo Booty came out, the gold is basecoated with the new Citadel foundation gold (whose name escapes me right now). This added a good bit of shading without me really having to layer the gold over and over. It's a shame the Ember Mage will probably never see use as Starfire the dragon is immune to fire...
Speaking of the big lizard, here he is! I was going to save the game's end boss for last, but I just couldn't resist. Alongside him are the Riftling Rogue and the Egg Clutch spawn point. I was less than thrilled how these two turned out, and despite giving them my best shot they came out sub-par. Oh, well.
And this is my final picture for today, the treasure chests are painted, as are the Deeproot Druid and his shapeshift, Angry Bear. You may remember the druid from a while back, but I wasn't pleased with how his fur cloak turned out, so I retouched it.

That's it for now. Astute viewers may notice the forward progress on the Kobold Knuckleheads in the background. Guess what my next post will showcase?

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