Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Final Update For The Night: Gougers

Well, my last project for the evening has been completed. The Gougers are now awaiting varnish (it's way too humid outside to hit them up now) and I'm about ready to call it quits for today. Now I'm down to the two Rexes, the four Ironscales, and tomorrow's project:

...the Dragon Priests. These guys have a lot going on on them, so they'll require a lot of attention, and hopefully I'll be able to provide that before work tomorrow. For now it's watching after pets and grabbing dessert.

Until tomorrow.


  1. Looking good, and at a rapid clip too. I've often dreamed about painting all the components for a game like this but have never even come close. Should be impressive to see a set all finished.

  2. Not that rapid a clip. I've done nothing but sit at my table all day today listening to podcasts and painting!

    Hopefully I'll have the set done (or at least close to done) by tomorrow night when we bust out the game for some dungeon crawley goodness. My Dragon Priests are nearly complete, and I may even have a picture of them up before I leave for work today. Tonight they'll be done for sure though.