Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Really Quick Hitter

I'm at work reading the Warmachine Battle College and it is re-kindling my love for the game. Of course, this means more games with my armies against Demitra's Winter Guard Death Star of Dhoom. Also, with the silly models coming out for Wrath, I'm a little on the fence about the game. That Khadoran battle-wagon thingy just looks (in my opinion) kind of dumb.

Also, Quar are even more cool now. If you're not in the know, they're a line of miniatures produced by Zombiesmith. They've got two games to go with the miniature line, and I plan to get the ruleset from Ganesha Games as I have several of their products already. Also, their games are designed to be played in 15mm, which makes the game much more affordable than, say, Games Workshop or even Privateer Press.

Finally, I was going through my boxes of stuff today, and found some of my infantry bases for Alien Squad Leader (no link this time). That game is pretty cool, also in 15mm, and , of course, nobody plays it. I need to stop collecting miniatures for games nobody plays (or wants to play). I'd have so much more money if I never bought into Alien Squad Leader, Song of Blades and Heroes, Hordes of the Things, MalifauX, Warmaster, shoot- even the Lord of the Rings game (which I freakin' love).

...And here I am wanting some Quar. I guess I'll never learn.

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