Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Progress For The Under-Empire

A few days ago I dropped the Skaven I got back into Simple Green to strip the paint. They stayed outside until the weather turned, and for the last two nights they've been sitting in the closet. Let me tell you- a closet with a bucket of Simple Green in it gets STINKY.
The ingredients for this entry- Skaven, Simple Green, a bucket and my netbook.
Last night I checked on the minis, and they were squishy enough to be stripped. I pulled out my toothbrush and got to work. Now I'm the proud owner of a set of like-new first sculpt minis!
Unfortunately, one of my Gutter Runners snapped at the ankles, leaving me with seven. The Doomwheel is still soaking, as I seem to have used some kind of super-primer on it. I 'll give it another couple of days to sit before calling it quits.

Today it's off to grab some green and bone colored primer in order to get these minis under way (as soon as their new bases arrive, that is)..


  1. That's what I want my stripped minis to look like, but they always disappoint me. I love that Grey Seer model, how are you going to paint it?

  2. He'll end up looking very much like my current Grey Seer- a dark green robe with yellow accents and bright grey (almost white) fur.

    Not all my model stripping went so well- my Doomwheel still has all kinds of crud stuck to it. That model's going to be a pain- I have to fully paint it before putting it back together. Good thing all wood in my army is black!