Friday, February 25, 2011

Marine Chapters I've Dreamed

Over the last fer weeks I've been considering starting another loyalist marine army. Salamanders ora successor to be exact. What's stuck in my craw right now is which paint scheme to use.

Option one is, of course, good ol' Salamanders. Kind of boring, but I've painted them before. I may go closer to Goblin Green rather than Snot Green.
Option two is the Coyote Warriors chapter, I made an army of these guys a while ago, and the turquoise offset with the deep red is pretty striking. These guys would probably be a Space Wolves style army, though...

This is (at present) a no-name chapter. I like how the green and purple go together.
I'm thinking something along the line of "Desert Tigers" for this paint scheme. The yellow would be Vallejo Dark Yellow, and the trim is German Grey. Same colors as a German tiger tank.
Finally, and so far in the lead, are the Soul Wardens. This is the space marine chapter I invented years ago, and they've got a special place in my heart. My only concern is that at first they were a Blood Angels successor chapter, and now they'd be based on the Salamanders rules. They'd still have an "in your face" style of combat, just not the berserk, zealous close combat style. I like the Grim Reaper look with the black armor and white helmet.

If I do start this army, it'll be a while yet (once my tax refund arrives). Until then, I'll keep pondering paint schemes and perhaps add to my Deathwing (they could really use some Ravenwing support).

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  1. Not that I'm recommending such shady behavior, but one of the best things about a DIY chapter is you can make it do whatever you want. Maybe today your chapter, let's call it the Tentacled Overlords, are vanilla marines. Tomorrow those same Overlords could be Space Wolves, or Blood Angels, or even Chaos Marines. There's a lot of flexibility that you can have access to, should you want it.

    Of course there's a "moral" argument against doing that, which I'm sure you've run across here on the interwebs. While I ultimately think they're your models and you can do whatever you want to with them, I can understand the frustration of the opponent when the guys that were Dark Angels one day are White Scars the next.

    As a final two bits, I have what I guess is a Soul Warden of yours, armed with a bolter, that you're welcome to reclaim should you so desire. My vote for a DIY chapter for you would be either Sons of Medusa, because I love the bright green but doubt I'll ever do them myself, or Novamarines for geographical niftiness. Since both are featured in the Badab War books, the market may be saturated with them at the moment, but you may not care about such things in the first place.