Friday, February 25, 2011

Did I Mention I'm Building An Ogre Army? Well, I Am.

As I closed the browser on my last entry, I noticed a little folder sitting on my desktop. I hate little folders on my desktop. They make it look all cluttered. Thusly I must share with you the progress of my Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms army. It all started with a dream. That dream was to spend only $200 on a full Warhammer army. That dream was realized:
Two Ogre Battalions and some "green stuff" later, voila! a full Ogre Kingdoms army. Complete with Tyrant...
...and Battle Standard Bearer.

Of course, not content with a paltry 2,000 point army, I had to grab some more Ironguts to bring the army up to a tournament standard 2,250 points. Now the army is mostly painted, and waiting on me to go buy a nice cheap brush so it can get dipped.

I'll be sure to post the final results, as well as how they perform on the tabletop as soon as I'm done with them and my newly re-acquired Skaven.

1 comment:

  1. Those 30 or so models are 2250 points worth? Nice compact army. I'd say that it'd be right up my alley since I could get it painted in a somewhat reasonable amount of time, thanks to the low model count, but I'd get lost in all the detail and the big canvas to work with. Interesting idea all the same.

    Also, you've got some vicious fingerprints in those cloaks. Unless they're really some sort of cross-hatched texture. Hopefully it's the latter as it's probably too late to remedy the former.