Friday, July 20, 2012

Two Armies Near Completion

That's right, it's just a matter of time. I've nearly completed two armies, and it just feels so good!

Note the "Coming Attractions" sidebar. It's gotten quite a bit smaller. At least until I get that SSU stuff, any way. I'm getting closer and closer to the finish line as far as my Dark Eldar and Space Wolves are concerned. Now I'm at the mercy of the weather as far as matte varnishing the minis is concerned. Monday will see me cracking down and putting the brush back to that last eyesore Raider. You see it there. The one that's still mostly primer. The one I kind of highlighted there. It's driving me nuts, all sitting there in my display case mocking me. It will be put in its place! I will make it pretty!

...Then there's the matter of the Splinter Cannon armed Trueborn. Those three jokers aren't even primed yet. No, I must focus on one effort at a time!

The above army was fielded against Demitra on Tuesday. While it still has the Blaster armed Trueborn, I did drop the Splinterborn, a unit of Kabalite Warriors, and a Venom from the list in order to accommodate an Archon and her Incubus bodyguard. They performed somewhat under par, charging a Blood Angel Tactical Squad and getting wiped out (well, except the Archon- she failed her first Shadowfield save and then annihilated the unit) to a man. All in all this proved to be the most entertaining game Demitra and I played with me using my Dark Eldar.

As far as actual painting progress is concerned, Behold! Today was dedicated to painting up my Land Raider Crusader. It started the day basecoated and washed, and hopefully it'll be dullcoted soon enough.

I also painted up my Wolf Priest, two Lone Wolves, and got a touch further on my Grey Hunters. You'll have to wait to see them though, as I have company coming over soonish.

Now, back to sweeping...



  1. Good stuff. There's nothing in gaming to beat the feeling of painting on that last layer of varnish.

    1. Thanks! I love placing that last completed mini in the figure case/display cabinet. There's just such a feeling of victory- especially when it comes to army-sized games like WHFB/40k. I'm just 11 models (10 Grey Hunters and a Rhino) away from finishing the Space Wolves, and today I threw on the Nuln Oil wash over the Grey Hunters. I'll try to get the wetbrush done tonight, then the gold, red, and waterslide transfers on tomorrow. Yeah, I said I'd do that Raider, but I'm using the Wolves on Tuesday, and I want as much of the army done as possible.

  2. Looks very nice. I'm looking forward on seeing your Space Wolves.