Thursday, July 26, 2012

2,500 Point Skaven- Tomorrow's Army

Reusing photos, hurrah!
Yesterday I outlined the reasoning behind the thought processes involved in my Skaven army. Today I'll break down what is actually in the army and how it will be deployed and fielded.

Grey Seer w/ Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon- 290 pts.

Assassin w/ Blade of Corruption, The Other Trickster's Shard- 170 pts.
Chieftain Battle Standard Bearer w/ halberd, The Armor of Destiny- 122 pts.
Warlock Engineer w/ lvl. 2 wizard, Warp-Energy Condenser- 120 pts.
Warlock Engineer w/ warplock pistol, Doomrocket- 53 pts.

60 Clanrats w/ shields, full command; Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team- 355 pts.
40 Clanrats w/ shields, full command; Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team- 270 pts.
40 Skavenslaves- 80 pts.
40 Skavenslaves- 80 pts.

7 Gutter Runners w/ Poisoned Attacks, slings- 126 pts.
6 Rat Ogres; 4 Packmasters- 272 pts.

Hell Pit Abomination- 235 pts.
Hell Pit Abomination- 235 pts.
Warp Lightning Cannon- 90 pts.

The plan is to deploy the Clanrat units centrally, flanked by their weapon teams and then the Skavenslaves. The Rat Ogres will deploy on one flank , and the Abominations on the other. My Warp Lightning Cannon will be dropped in a corner, and the Gutter Runners will deploy in the best possible location to assault enemy war machines.

The Grey Seer and BSB will drop in the 60-strong Clanrats, slightly off-center and toward the Rat Ogres- the plan here is to keep the Ogres in Leadership boost/re-roll territory. The Warlock Engineers will deploy in the 40 strong Clanrats. I'll try to keep the Doomrocket as close to whichever wizard generates Skitterleap as possible, planning on teleporting him onto one of my opponent's flanks. The Assassin (obviously) will start hidden in the Grey Seer/BSB's unit. He's there to pop out and off any serious threats to the army command section's health.

From there the plan is to advance into optimal spellcasting range and begin raining death down on my enemies. I'll try to avoid combat until the last few turns when I should be facing a fairly depleted army. The Skavenslaves will act as tarpist/redirectors, and the Rat Ogres/Hell Pit Abominations the sledgehammers to break up the combats remaining after I dump all the firepower I have into the Skavenslave combats.

The battle plan is fairly straightforward, reliant only on assessing my opponent's biggest strengths and dismantling them.

Now to find out what all this "Hold the Line!" stuff is about...

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