Thursday, July 19, 2012

SSU Just In Time

Just a touch of cheesecake.
Yesterday I made a most alarming / shocking / happy discovery. The SSU book is on its way to distributors as I type! This changes things a bit more than slightly.

I plan on buying into the SSU rather than the Allies. This was the original faction I fell in love with (since Demitra laid claim to the Axis) due to their walkers as well as the fact that they're the second most evil faction out there. I mean, let's face it, Stalin wasn't a really great guy. Why do I like the bad guys? That's a question best left to a therapist I suppose. (^_^)

This means my plans for purchasing a Dust army are on hold for a while. I'm going to need to pour through Campaign Book Zverograd for a while studying up on the SSU's strengths and weaknesses. I'm going to need to sell a few more useless college books. I'd really like to sell off my Skorne. If you know anybody who'd like these guys for the low, low price of $70, let me know. Back on topic; I need patience now. This is something in short supply for me, as I've run out of stuff I want to paint. I could finish that stuff over there under Coming Attractions, but I've burned myself out on them. I need something to break up these projects. This was supposed to be my Quar, but they arrived sans a piece, and it takes forever for Zombiesmith to ship stuff, so they're a no-go for now. My Kabuki models showed up a while ago and I painted them, but they're a little NSFW (and I try to keep this blog family friendly), so you won't be seeing them.

In Soviet Russia, party finds you!

At least the book came out before I placed my order, right? I'd be a bit irked if I had placed my Allies order before then, so thank goodness for small miracles. Now back to the ol' waiting game.

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  1. I'm fighting the good fight against wanting your Skorne, but Xerxis is so damn sexy. Hopefully you find someone for them soon to keep them out of my collection, which is already too big for my storage capabilities, to say nothing of an strained-at-best budget. All that said, I wouldn't be horribly opposed to taking them off your hands.

    Also glad that I won't be staring down massed Phasers, which I spent a decent chunk of time trying to find a counter for without much success. I'm sure the SSU will have plenty of dirty tricks though.