Thursday, July 24, 2014


Yep, my order from Mantic arrived, and now it's time to get crackin'. I first opened the box and found a bunch of loose frames. Ghouls and zombies to fuel my conversion fever, and a good many of them too.

I was of course thrilled at this, as I have been waiting for a couple of weeks to get my hands on these bits. The ghoul sprues (the little ones on the right) are old hat to me, consisting of parts I have seen before when Mantic sent out promotional minis to those who asked. I got one, slapped the fellows together, and promptly lost them.

What interested me much more were the zombies (center). I gleefully looked at the frames, checking out all the different pieces- especially the heads as I have been spending my time looking around the internet at unboxing articles, and both the Enforcers as well as the Marines come with their heads separate. Because of this I wanted to figure out how to put the minis together as best I could. I determined that the best route to go would be to drill holes in the arms and neck, insert some wire, glue the extremities to the pins, and use green stuff to fill any resulting gaps. The heads in particular would be challenging as the zombie and ghoul heads attach entirely differently than the Warpath minis. On the Kings of War stuff the neck is attached to the torso, whereas on the Warpath items the neck is attached to the head. I'll show pictures of this in my next post on this subject.

Next I pulled out the bases (above image on the left) and eyeballed them. Interesting enough they were, but not the focus of my attention.

Mortis was the next out of the box. I took him out of the baggie he came in and began counting and dry-fitting parts. It was immediately apparent that he was just covered in mold release agent, as he was slick to the touch. I tossed him into a screen colander I have just for washing minis and stuck my hand back into the packing peanuts. One, two, three, four, five baggies of Enforcers, all with five minis inside. Twenty five, exactly as expected.

It was then that I stuck my hand back in the box. I didn't feel a single thing. NOTHING. I flipped the box over, spilling styrofoam all over my floor. No sign of any more minis. I began rooting around, and found two baggies underneath one of the flaps. Two baggies seemed a touch ambitious to fit 70 minis into. Very ambitious. I ripped open the baggies and... Sure enough, only twenty Marine miniatures.

That seemed a bit off. The website claims (as above) that there are 70 zombie Marines to be made. Twenty Marines' worth of parts is a bit much to want to spread across 70 models.

I have an inquiry in with Mantic, as I'm pretty sure that this is just some shipping error on the part of a picker, or at least I hope so.

As you can see I have pulled out my converting tools and gotten ready to go to town on some minis. As I'm a pretty experienced kitbasher I should have no problem getting there minis to look fairly slick. Keep an eye on this space for some pictures.

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