Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Havoc-O-Rama! ...Plus Lasers

Well, my laser-to-eye thingy was a success. I probably shouldn't have, but I put the last couple of finishing touches on my Havocs yesterday, and varnished them today. All in all I'd say this batch was successful.
There are no squad leaders to show, as I'm using Chosen with bolters to represent them. At least they'll be good for something, eh?
Many thanks go out to Demitra for providing me with the gargoyle heads for my lascannons. the barrels just looked too imperial without them. No self-respecting Chaos worshiper would be caught dead looking like some dog of the False Emperor. I'm just glad I got the lascannons before the start of the GW Bits Embargo.
Now, as my Chaos Marines inch toward completion, I find myself staring down the barrel of painting that second accursed Heldrake. It's an inevitability, I must tackle that second monstrosity. For now however, I will rest my eyes. The Price is Right is on in forty or so minutes. I suppose I can watch that.

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