Monday, June 10, 2013

Heldrake #2 Painted Plus Anima Tactics

The pain is over. The second Heldrake is fully painted. Now that I have both of them, my current army needs only the second Chaos Marine squad and my Chaos Lord in order to be finished. I guess my time off from work was well worth it.
Now, with two finished and ready for the table, the end of the army is in sight.

In gaming news, my fiance' and I played a game of Anima: Tactics. The groups are 200 levels rather than the usual 300 as this was a "remembering how to play" game rather than a full-on game. What we really came away with from this battle is the fact that Samiel is a complete beast. He's a Cuisinart in combat, and once he starts getting Power Tokens he's nearly impossible to kill. If you play Empire, he's pretty much an auto-include. The game was a lot of fun, even though Samiel basically ran roughshod through the Samael party.

Now on to painting those last 11 Chaos Marine miniatures!

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