Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More SSU Goodness

Today I finished a bit more of my SSU stuff. First off, let's take a look at Grand'Ma. This was the first mini I completed (actually a couple of days ago) and it got much the same treatment as my previous KV47 walker.

Not too much more to say about her.

Next up we have my SSU Command Squad. These guys were a bit of a hassle to paint. There are cables running all over the place on the mechanic and the radio operator. These I decided to do in red since that's the color I chose for the sulfur canisters on the walkers.

Finally, we come to my snipers. They're just proof that FFG reuses the same parts in different combinations to make squads. In this case we have the helmeted head rather than the one wearing a cap on the Widowmaker bodies.

Not to say I can blame them (it's a cost cutting measure) but it is a thing that sort of stands out on the tabletop.

Any way, that's it for today. Now off to sell my Skorne!

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