Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fully Painted (And It Feels So Good)

...And there we have it. Three hundred points of Dust SSU minis fully painted and ready to hit the table.

I'm pleased with how the entire force came out looking coherent (limiting your color pallet will do that) and I also like how the army breaks down into two 150 point platoons. I'll have to play some games first, but I'm already considering dropping the transport helicopter in favor of another pair of Rifle Squads. Either that or another KV47 walker, but who knows?

Now I need to lay hands on those SSU transfers (or at least some Soviet transfers) in order to fill in those last few details. Once the transfers are in place and Dullcoted down, the army is done!

...Well, at least until that stinking ground attack helicopter is released.

...And that heavy tank- that looks cool.

...Oh, don't forget Winter Child...

Well, the army will be done for the time being, anyhow.

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