Monday, April 30, 2012

Tournament Play? You Don't Say!

Well, there's a 1,000 point Warhammer Fantasy tournament this Friday, and I want to bring the nastiest army I can. This means cheesy list, and so I ventured onto the interwebz to get some help analyzing my possibilities. Having gotten only two responses to my poll, I am still torn between two armies. Either my Ogre Kingdoms army will make the cut, or my Chaos Daemons. Still being torn, I decided to put together. First I put together my Ogre Kingdoms. My optimized Ogre Kingdoms army needed a Sabertusk, but I had no mini. Off to my box of random minis! After rooting around for a while, I came upon a Kroothound and a cavalry base. I slapped the two together and painted it up.

After that I pulled out my Ogres. The reasoning behind this army is simple. At small point values armies have a very hard time dealing with the hitting power Ogres can bring to the table. With this in mind I decided to put together the nastiest army I could. Ironguts, Mournfang Cavalry, and a lone Sabertusk. Why just one? Simple- this fills up one of the three compulsory units required to make a legal army, and he's very good at killing off warmachines.

My army consists only of units armed with great weapons. This is because of an Ogre's dismal Initiative score. As low as it is, the Always Strike Last rule really won't be a hindrance. The massive Strength 6 will annihilate enemy armor, and having the lowest movement in my army being a 7 (thanks Banner of Swiftness), I should make it across the table very rapidly.

Unfortunately, this army has one glaring weakness. It has abysmal Leadership. This leads to concerns about Panic, and forces me to spread out my units so that they're more than 6" away from each other. Especially that Sabertusk, as he's very easy to slay, and Ogres apparently freak out at the sight of a lone kitty cat getting offed. This also leads to concerns about gunlines. With a good volley it's quite possible to get 25% of a unit to die, and that would lead to a Panic test as well. That could very well lead to disaster.

That leads me to my other choice, Daemons of Chaos. They're a very solid army, and are much better painted than the Ogres. I called up the event venue (my friendly not-so-local Games Workshop) and asked if Special Characters were allowed. Met with a "yes", I began playing with Army Builder. I managed to fit in Skulltaker, The Masque of Slaanesh, a good number of Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds, and Flamers. Oh, also a few Furies. Except for the Furies, all of these choices are very solid. Why furies then? Points. I had them left over and had run out of Bloodletters. Five more of them and I'd be much happier with my army, but alas.

In theory this army is stronger in many areas, but it lacks one fairly major thing; magical defense. Having no Wizard means I have to rely on my Magic Resistance to carry me through the game, and against spells that don't deal wounds (Pit of Shades, Dwellers Below, Mindrazor) I have some thinking to do. Which spells do I let through, and which spells to I stop? I'll have to chuck more dice at spells to stop them, and this will lead to my opponent getting more spells through. Very, very ponderous.

But then, the Daemons are much better looking...
I wonder if there's a painting score?

Much more thinking is required. I may just end up rolling a die to determine which army to take.

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  1. When I saw this post on my Blogger feed, my first thought was "Oh hey, I should totally help you test out armies." Then I thought it through a little and realized I don't know the system, don't have an army (assembled), and would be a poor sparring partner. I had the right intentions at least.

    No Skaven? My second thought on reading a tiny bit of the post was "Here come the Hellpits." Or at least the things that cast the "I turn your troops into my troops" spell.

    Color me surprised that GW is running a competitive event. I thought all they did was the super-ultra-mega-all-day battles. Then again it's been many years since I've set foot in a GW.