Thursday, April 19, 2012

Long Fangs Are Long

Well, I have ten Long Fangs with Missile Launchers. A special thanks goes out to my buddy A. K. as he provided me with four of the sorely needed weapons. You may notice that three of the Missile Launchers aren't the stock standard weapons. This is because they were converted out of left over Hunter-Killer Missiles from the Razorback kits I had laying around. You may also notice that the minis are a touch shiny. This is because I have temporally run out of Dullcote. I'll get some more soon, and that will take off the shine imparted by the Krylon "Matte Varnish" I use as a primary protectant for my minis. Having finished these two squads, my attention now turns to the final ten Grey Hunters I need. I'll be picking up ten of the old minis on Friday, along with their Rhino (again, thanks A. K.). Pictures of those minis should be up soon, and after that a picture or two of the whole army in action. It will be a rematch of the last game I played at G. W., so wish me luck (that I will not make the stupid moves I made last time).

That's all from the ol' E. V. front for now. I'll have those Grey Hunters up ASAP.

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