Friday, April 27, 2012

Exploring Dungeons Is Super!

Yep, as you were warned several months back, not all of my miniatures are strictly wargaming related. These lil' fellas are examples. That's right, I've finally gotten around to painting my Super Dungeon Explore minis. This game pretty much demands painting, as leaving these gems of miniatures unpainted is a crime against humanity. I started with the Royal Paladin and the Claw Tribe Barbarian up front, and once I was comfortable with the painting techniques I'll be using to get these guys finished, I moved on to the Deeproot Druid, Hearthsworn Fighter, and Hexcast Sorceress along the back.
Next up are all of my various little dragons. From left to right are my Wyrmlings, Whelps, and Hatchling pairs. I'm really quite happy with how the reds turned out. Now to hope I don't run out of Baal Red wash before I finish with my Kobolds.
...And last but certainly not least are mu Kobold Warrens. Despite their rather simple appearance, these are the focal points of the game, so I can't let them languish in unpaintedness.

Next up, maybe more heroes? Grey Hunters? Who knows? What is for certain is that the painting bug has bitten, and hopefully won't let up any time soon (seeing as I'm pretty much done with classes).

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  1. Did you do something different with these minis? They look better than your recent Dark Eldar and Space Wolves, especially the two heroes on the right. Whatever it is you're doing it's working, so keep on with it.