Monday, August 15, 2011

Look What I Found!

While I was at my local game store I was rifling through their metal Skaven miniatures, and came across this little gem. Now, I've heard a lot of horror stories about the new resin miniatures being produced by Games Workshop, and due to this I've decided not to purchase any until these stories stop. I had given up hope getting my hands on a metal copy of Ikit Claw, but the gaming gods saw fit to smile on me. Now I just need to find a game to try him out! Of course I painted him up as soon as I got home.

In addition, I rounded out my Yu Jing force with a sniper. From what I've been hearing they're great for board control (with their extreme range and accuracy they can use an ARO against just about anything on the board).

Now that I've finished my Yu Jing force, I'm waiting for my ALEPH starter to arrive from the War Store. The website said the miniatures I ordered were in stock, but this wouldn't be the first time I ordered something listed on their site that had to be restocked by them...


  1. I thought I saw Ikit Claw on your painting list a while ago. Perhaps that was a "to paint" list and not a "currently painting" list? I'm really curious about Finecast but there's nothing I'm dying to have currently and I don't want to get one just to see how it is.

  2. Yeah, Ikit Claw used to be on my "On The Workbench" section. I suppose it should be re-named "Future Projects" or something, but since I had been meaning to pick him up for a while, I grabbed him with a little left over money from my last paycheck. Now that he's completed, I can pretty safely say my Skaven army is well and truly done, barring some sudden gift of Stormvermin out of the blue ($50 for 20 rats is a bit steep).