Thursday, August 11, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

What my miniatures look like pre-primer.
My Friendly Local Gaming Store happened to have in two of the miniatures I needed to wrap up my Yu-Jing force for Infinity, so I went ahead and grabbed a pair of Tiger Soldiers. One is equipped with a combi-rifle / light flamethrower, and one with a heavy machine gun. Tiger Soldiers are paratroopers, and the ability to sneak an HMG behind enemy lines was just too appealing to pass up.

The pieces of the miniatures are a bit fiddly, with a pair of cylinders below the fin on their back all separate pieces. The cylinders went on easily enough after drilling some guide holes for the tabs on the end of them, but the fins were a nightmare to align properly as there is no groove on the miniatures' backs for it to set in. Once dry, it was outside for some primer. I followed up giving them the same treatment I gave the rest of the miniatures, ending up with the following results:
Now I'm only a single miniature away from finishing my force, and I picked him up today. Once I'm done with my sniper I'll be ready to start on my ALEPH force, and then I'll be able to demo the game (time permitting, of course). An ALEPH starter (seemingly impossible to locate) just came in over at The War Store, so hopefully I'll be able to wrangle one up pretty soon.

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