Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Etna = Less Progress

This is the unlock screen on my iPhone.
Well, it's been an eventful week around the ol' EV camp.

This is to say that "Real Life" has been so eventful that I haven't been able to get any modeling or painting done. This means that tomorrow I'll be gaming with (*gasp*) unpainted miniatures! This turn of events has me upset. I, of course, would prefer to be using nothing but fully painted minis. The problem arises from the minis I need to be using having been so old that I just don't own the paints any more required to paint them in a manner matching the rest of their unit.

Even if I did paint them in such a manner, it wouldn't be by tomorrow (I'm chained by my desk waiting for my Biology 101 professor to post the presentation from tonight's class). This irks me to no end.

Any way, my War Store order remains in the limbo of being back-ordered. Tomorrow will see an email regarding my disappointment over the now two consecutive screwed up orders. The first was a crate of Monsterpocalypse figures that had been opened, thus causing me not to get one of every figure, rather, two of one and none of another. Now an order I placed with the assurance that both items were in stock, only to be replaced with the melancholy of waiting for the miniatures to arrive at the distributor, so they can arrive at the War Store, only so they can be shipped to me. It's been two weeks, and I want an answer as to why my Infinity minis aren't here.

Any way, At the very least one of my friends has ordered a Haqqislam starter for Infinity, so I'll be (theoretically) getting in a game of that soonish. Stay glued to your computers waiting for my next update, as it may well be full of rage, or it may be filled with elation. Either way, it should be interesting.

Oh, by the way, yes.
I am excited about the upcoming new Ogre Kingdoms army book and all the nifty new (non-finecast) minis.


  1. I didn't notice you had unpainted minis until looking at the pictures last night. I guess I just figure that your stuff is painted and my gaze slips over unpainted models.

  2. Don't worry, my newest list is 100% painted. The Revenant Crew won't come back unless I use Terminus again, so they're not a very high painting priority compared to the ALEPH stuff that will finally ship soonish.