Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Dead, Just Busy

Well, I've gone back to school after an 11-year absence, and I can't believe how one little class has cut into my modeling time. Since my last post, all I've been able to do is pick up the last of my plastic squads (before the next G.W. price hike), texture the bases of two squads, and prime those same two squads.

Now, seeing as G.W. has just announced the increase of the prices in their range again, this is where the old me would enter into a rant about how they're abusing their fan base, how they're pricing me out of the game, and throw my support solidly behind another game.

Not so much this time.

Around here, if I wanted to play another game, the regular groups meet on Tuesday evenings (MalifauX), and Saturday (Warmachine / Hordes). Those are times when I work, so unless I want to quit my job and find another willing to accommodate my schedule (unlikely) all I can do is sigh and just grab what I need before they increase the prices. Thus the two Wych squads in the picture I bought despite not needing them for a few months.

In other words, I've quit quitting Games Workshop. Not out of choice, but because if I want to get a regular game in, it has to be G.W.

In the end, the comparatively heavy workload of a six-week class will limit my painting time, which will in turn limit my posting, so let me apologize for that. I will continue painting and posting, it just may be more sporadic than before.

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