Thursday, May 5, 2011

Final, Final Army List

I want to be this guy
Well, the Skaven Warlord in me is finally pleased with the finalized army list for tomorrow. I've put an awful lot of work into a tournament the odds say I won't get to play in, but it beats painting more Incubi.

I did have to quickly assemble and paint a new warlord, but hey, I needed to finish him any way.

I'm not going to post my army list here yet, as there are people in the tournament on Dakka Dakka who might see it (See? Skaven paranoia! I'm the perfect warlord!). I'll be sure to post it soon, along with a tournament wrap-up, provided I get in. Either way you'll get a picture of the army and what's in it in the list in the next few days.

Now to try and remember to pick up some matt varnish / Dullcote tomorrow...

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