Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vindicating Things... Celestially

So, I found a guy getting rid of two sets of Stormcast Eternal minis from the Age of Sigmar starter online. I kinda broke down and bought them, seeing as they were a great deal and I would like to paint some. Now they are winging their way here from the Great White North, and due to arrive next Wednesday. As you may have gleaned from the above title and picture, I plan on going with the Celestial Vindicators colors. I have already acquired my first mini, a Knight-Venator, which is painted up and in my display case. I'm a real fan of the mini, and he was the determining factor as to weather or not I would get more of them. Turns out I did.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet (I'm posting this on lunch while at work), but I will soon.

Unfortunately the Daemons have entered limbo until I can save up enough dough for an airbrush. There are so many I'm kind of loathe to paint them via bristle brush.

Wait a minute... What's with the Wych up there? Stay tuned to find out!

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