Sunday, December 29, 2013

Von Drakk Gap Victory

I got some green stuff from GW last night. Not quite a deal, but at least I have it now. With any other bases I would have just glued some receipt paper over the holes, but since the bases are already textured, I get to sculpt the flagstones into the putty I'm using. This is not such a bad thing, it's just time consuming. Good thing I have a job, eh? Yep, once again I'm doing hobby stuff here at work. Call it consolation for the awful end to an awful season for Washington's pathetic NFL team. I will not sully the face of my blog by mentioning them here by name.
What good came out of the game is below:
Von Drakk villains and then some.
 Yep, the bases of my Von Drakk Manor villains have all been filled. Not just that...
Von Drakk heroes & Nyan Nyan.
 ...The heroes are good to go as well.
Base gap lacking.
Not too much content today, just pictures for you. Painting here would be nice, but I'm already pushing it. (^_~)*

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