Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Chaos Marine Progress Report

Well, The Chaos Space Marines are coming along. All I have to do now is prime them. Of course, this picture doesn't include the lascannon marines as their lascannons are still yet to be put in the mail. They should be here soon enough though. You can see in the background the pitiful number of miniatures I was able to salvage from my previous lists. Those meltagun guys were (*gasp*) proxies (I feel dirty using that word) for my lascannons, and assuming the place I ordered my lascannons from gets their act together today, should be replaced with actual lascannon Havocs by Tuesday's game with Demitra. I decided to use the Chosen with Bolters as my Havoc Aspiring Champions as they're nice minis, already painted, and it would be a shame to have them collect dust for the remainder of their existence.

The conversion for my warlord is almost ready for priming:
Once he gets his severed head and I decide how to adorn his backpack he'll be golden. Of course, it'll be odd having him as the only Chaos Marine mini with no helmet, but he's my warlord, so I'll let it slide. Besides, none of the helmets fit him without looking stupid.

Further updates to follow as I paint squads, but rest assured I will have a fully painted army soon enough!

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