Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She's Got a "Great Rack" (Of Horns)

Well, I'm back with a quick update. Today saw a metric ton (2,200 lbs) of homework done. in between equations that ate up at least a page of paper each, I decided I'd work on a couple of models in order to clear my head of any frustration I encountered.

It seemed like a good plan. Now, I've been hearing a lot about Epic Skarre and how amazing she is. I also heard a list on Podhammer that was feared by the hosts, so I decided to give it a whirl. Now, the exact contents of this list will have to remain a secret unless you listen to the latest episode, or until after I've played a game with it. I like the theory as to how the list works (that I've been able to glean from simply parroting a list) so I set about rounding up the required models as this is a list I knew I could replicate with my collection.

Rooting through my boxes I came upon the Withershadow Combine, sadly unpainted. I've heard good things about this trio, so out of the case they came, my nominees for painting between problems. They've come along fairly nicely so far, and I'll have pictures up once they're finished.

Once these three are painted I'll have a choice- do I paint Epic Asphyxious or do I start on my Soul Hunters?

...Or maybe back to painting Anima: Tactics minis...


  1. Must...fight...urge....to metagame. In this one post you've mentioned two of the most reviled casters in the game, at least across the various podcasts and forums I frequentL eSkarre and eGaspy. I've had plenty of face time with pGaspy but don't know much about Skarre in general. Looks like I'll be learning more in the future.

    At least now I won't feel so bad when I lay hands on Wrath and get to dig into what I hear is a Khadoran gunline caster.

  2. Well, the Epic Skarre list is... unorthodox by my standards. It'll take some time to get used to, especially Skarre's feat (which prevents models from being targeted -at all- for a turn) and how it interacts with some stuff I've never touched before. Sure, the backbone of the army remains the same, but when it contains a Warjack I gave up on a couple of months after Prime came out... Well, I've already said too much.

    As far as Epic Asphyxious goes, don't worry about seeing him on the table until he's fully painted and you see an image of him posted here. Oh, I also need some Bane Knights to make him function properly, so his appearance is unlikely any time soon. Though 16 Bane Thralls might work for his feat...