Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Feel Salty

I've been working on my SDE minis more recently, as I have time now and a backlog of episodes of "Cognitive Dissonance" podcasts to get through (this is a very NSFW show, so be warned before looking  them up). As I listen to Tom and Cecil rant and rave about various woo-related topics, my paint brush darts across my chibi heroes and villains at a lightning pace. Thus, I have a few more minis to share.

First up, here are the Blaze Beetle and Roxor minis I forgot last time. I've been pondering if I should hit the beetle's carapace with gloss varnish, but right now I'm holding off.

Here's the completion of part of the project I was working on in the last post. The Shallow Grave spawn points are done, and I took a break from painting "normal" minis in order to get some paint on a few pets. I just got the joke behind The Colonel's name as I was painting him. Observation ahoy!

Here are the minis from the Salt Pillar spawn point. As I had finished painting the Fireflow Denizens not too long ago, and the minis are exactly the same, I figured I'd go ahead and paint these monsters now while I'm still in that groove.

And lastly, some bosses. Salt on the right there used the exact same colors and techniques as the minis above, so he was painted right alongside them. I decided to paint Von Drakk on a whim, along with the Herald of Vulcanis.Von Drakk and the Herald required the exact same method for painting their skin, so they were an obvious choice to go together. Of course, I couldn't paint up the Count without his shapeshift form Nocturne, so he was kind of forced into the queue.

As you can see in the background behind the bosses, the Death Spectre is gradually coming along. That scrollwork on his back is infuriating to get through,so unfortunately his progress has slowed. Not stalled mind you, just slowed.

Now, let's see if I compressed these pictures enough to get them up on the Soda Pop forum...

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