Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Guess What? Zombies!

I just finished my first Zombie Apokalypse Enforcer squad, and for the most part I'm fairly pleased. The colors, in particular the weathering, worked out almost as well as I had hoped. I wanted to go for a sort of "their armor used to be red" look, with most of the minis' armor rusted and bits of red here and there. everything that emits energy including the sergeant's blade, the jump jets on the armor, the lenses of the laser rifles, and the zombies' eyes are painted blue with my best attempt at a glow.
I could be more pleased with the flesh on my undead. The purple wash followed by the "camoshade" wash didn't go as planned. I was hoping to give them a dark green complexion with purple in the recesses, but I ended up with a muddy brown instead. Damn.
Since a close-up is called for here, I offer the mini which is currently my favorite. As you can see he doesn't have quite the greenish coloration we zombie painters usually look for, but he looks dead enough.
I decided to keep the entirety of the rifles black rather than rusting and weathering them. I figure that this way they stand out against the rest of the mini better, and break up the monotony of the rusted silver.
As I finished the minis I came to the conclusion that this was a bit more of a dark paintjob than I usually do. Click on my Dark Eldar and Grey Aliens over on the right for an example of my usual blinding color. The subdued coloration fits the grimy, fetid look of a zombie horde better though, in my opinion.
I hope to get my next squad painted tomorrow. They are pictured below. As you can see I've finished their armor, and now it's on to the skin, followed by the guns, glow, and bases. Not too far for a painter like myself, especially on only five minis.
I haven't decided if I'll add any further stuff to the minis' bases (static grass, clump flock, etc.).
As a closing note let me endorse Citadel's "Blood For The Blood Good" paint (if you can call it that). It looks really good on these minis, and you'll see more of as my minis become increasingly gory The Enforcers are intentionally left with a minimum of gore. The Marines, well that's a whole other story.
I should have more images soon.

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