Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Above is the start to my wife's and my new Malifaux stuff. Mostly the Ten Thunders I have amassed on the left, but you can see the bases she's making on the right. I may have gone a bit overboard on my own bases, but you can judge for yourself.

First up is Yin the Penangalan. I was attracted to this model because she is so disturbing. The camera was acting up when I took this photo, so it's more than a little out of focus, but you get the idea. She's basically a floating mass of viscera, and she uses her horrifying appearance to paralyze enemy models. I still need to varnish her (first matte, then gloss on all the organs), but again you get the idea.

Next are my minions. I painted up my Ashigaru and Chiaki in a misty kind of green color. Their armor got a gold base, followed by a green shade, then a brush of the original gold followed by a brighter shade of the same. I wanted them to look like they were magically animated. They have pink eyes for an evil glow that offsets the green. For the purple I stopped by GW to grab a pair of purples and a purple wash. it made painting the back banners and ribbons a breeze.

Finally, Yan Lo and his Soul Porter. I painted the casting hand the same green as the magically animated minis to show he's casting a spell. The skin was my usual three stage method, similar to the one used on my Chaos Space Marines, just without the rosy flesh step to keep him more pallid and old looking. The Soul Porter was straight forward, what you see is what you get.

My wife has dived headlong into her minis- she hasn't put anything other that the Soulstone Miner together, but her bases look slick. I can't wait to see what colors she chooses for her crew.

Next up is Ama no Zako. I haven't decided how to paint his clothing yet. I guess I'll let my brush decide.

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