Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Forward Progress With the 'Faux

So I've been working on my Malifaux minis like a madman. Toshiro is done, Ama no Zako has been finished, and Shang is ready to go.

At least nearly so.

The weather here in NoVA has not cooperated with me, and I have yet to varnish a single mini. This makes me afraid to touch them (too much) as I don't want to mess up my work. I hate handling unvarnished minis. Once the humidity breaks (I type as a thunderstorm rages outside) I'll start spraying, but it's not looking too promising according to my weather app. I have my first second edition Malifaux game Friday against the Ortegas,  and I'd really enjoy moving my little kung-fu mans around without worrying about the oils on my hands damaging my paintjob.

Here's the latest shot of my crew. I'm going to use the schoolgirl to represent the lone swordsman, one because the card appears to be awesome,  and two because it finally allows me to paint her after four or so years.

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