Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tournament Results, a Break, and Back in the Saddle.

Above is the army I took to the Warhammer tournament. I basically got stomped. Two things were learned- I am way out of practice, and Skaven are no longer my tournament army of choice. Ogres all the way!

After that showing I took a bit of a break. No assembly, no purchases, no painting, no wargaming save a touch of X-Wing with Demitra. On that front I did finally pull a couple out against him (I don't ever remember winning, though he assures me I have). TIE swarms for the win, baby!

After that Demitra introduced me to DreadBall. now I am hooked. I mean to the point I bought into the Kickstarter for DreadBall Xtreme. Now to pick up the Space Bugs and Space Monkey Clones. This is not a cheap game to buy into, I'm looking at over $100, but that's far better than a Warhammer army (or Warmachine). As long as there's an opportunity to play it'll be money well spent.

Finally, yesterday I finally fulfilled my vow to pick up painting my Grey Aliens where I left off. Haters be damned, I'm going to do this thing. Wish me luck.

Oh, and go buy my Cygnar stuff off of eBay. It's extremely cheap for what it is. My wife is selling it, just search "Painted Cygnar" and look for the stuff on the gaming board. Shameless plug over.

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