Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Day Another Squad

One more squad closer to the finish line! Yep, my Greys have yet another squad ready to hit the battlefield (barring varnishing). this means that I have only one "Riptide", one "Broadside" squad, and one last alien squad to go before the army is fully painted. Once everything is done I'll need to strike out into the world and see if I can get a game in. I'd probably enjoy taking these lil' fellas out to a tourney, but...

1) They're not Citadel Miniatures.
2) Tournaments are pretty much exclusively held on Sundays around here (a day I must be at work).
3) Being as they're small some jerk would most likely accuse me of MFA (Modelling For Advantage).
4) I would totally need to get the TO's approval before bringing these fellas.
5) They're all "counts as" (NOT proxies- there is a difference) and this may confuse some people.
6) Tournaments around here are usually 2,000 points, and this army is only 1,850.

The list goes on and on. This basically relegates them to a "friendly game only" status, which is fine, I just need to get some friendly games in.

Tomorrow I'll be starting on the second of the big robots. I'm not a fan of painting these suckers, so I want to get it out of the way before I run out of steam again. With only three units to go until completion of the army however, I'm pretty sure this is a project that I'll get done soon.

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