Monday, March 17, 2014

Grey Alien Kick in the Rump

More painting of Grey Aliens. I finished my first two heavy robots (Broadsides). As you can see the minis are designed to fit on 50mm bases, and there are no GW bases of that size, so 60mm bases it is. I went ahead and put a Grey next to them to show their size (in comparison to an admittedly tiny mini).

 Now the figure case is looking much more full. There's a missing squad off to the right there, which is normally occupied by the squad pictured below. They are my mission for today, but as you can see in the horribly out of focus picture below I have a fair bit of work ahead of me. 

Ever onward and upward. Next: blue armor. Then grey, black, purple metal, and squad markings. Back to the grind!

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