Sunday, January 5, 2014

SDE Progressey Goodness

More of the Rock Top Gang and...
Friday saw some more painting from me, in particular the completion of some fellows that had been sitting unfinished in my closet for about a year. These six turtles have haunted me for a long time, so I decided to jump on the painting wave and get crackin'. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, in particular their eyes where (I believe) I achieved a rather demented "not all there" expression.
...Nyan Nyan!!!
I ultimately did roll a die to determine which hero to paint, and Nyan Nyan won out. While painting her I made the discovery that she's not actually a catgirl, just a girl wearing tiger pajamas! Again I am not pleased with the way the white came out. I think I need to find a new brand of paint to try (perhaps P3?) and see if I can get better results. Her orange areas could use a little... Something to liven them up too. Looking at this photo I think I should go back and retouch the open area around her chest too. I guess I'm just plain not satisfied with the final outcome. Perhaps I should add some yellow to the orange for some higher highlights?
While I've been contemplating what I should do to Nyan Nyan to be satisfied, I've been getting started on another member of the Rock Top Gang, Crusher. This is a pretty big boy, so it will call for a fair bit of patience on my part painting him. I just need to keep my eyes on the prize, as once I finish him I'm two models and the Spawn Points away from being able to use them. I guess I could use them now, but unpainted minis seeing table time? Blasphemy!
I've laid down the base coat and chesnut ink (yep, I still have a tiny bit of that treasure laying around) on his skin. I figure that this is the best way to get the closest results possible to the card art. I want even new players to be able to know who's who at a glance, plus I can be a little OCD about such things.
Gettin' ready to crush some stuff.
Next I'll just need to go back over the skin with the base color, mix up a highlight or two and put them on, and then it's just shell (which I have gotten good at), the tummy, the claws (which are also quick) and the eyes (which I enjoy). In my opinion the skin is the only real hurdle in my way. We'll just see how this turns out.
That's today's update, tomorrow should see some real results, as I'll have all day to listen to podcasts and apply paint to minis.

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