Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Another Chaos Lord Plus The Final Marines

Ready to roast some loyalists.
Well, after putting him off and putting him off, here he is. It's a good thing I have a nice deep Space Wolves bits box, since I was able to dig up the required lightning claw in my list. I not only grabbed that from my Wolves, I added the wolf's head helmet from the frame as well.

I managed to find a normal Space Marine Sergeant back banner to distinguish him from the Aspiring Champions in the army.

I ultimately decided that I'd kind of slap together the Burning Brand, since the heavy flamer idea just seemed excessive. Kharn was supposed to be running around roasting marines with this thing, and that would make this thing more than a touch awkward. That and I didn't feel like bits ordering (while such a thing was still possible) the rather expensive heavy flamer.

The remainder of this mini is made up of Chaos Marine and Aspiring Champion parts. The Burning Brand is being held by a cut down bolt pistol arm. One of the shoulder pads and the legs are from the Chaos Space Marine frames. The backpack, the other shoulder pad, and the torso are off of the Aspiring Champion frame. I think this combination of sprues makes for a rather unique HQ choice.

I am rather upset with the mini in one aspect. It's not terribly visible, but the transfer on the back banner didn't set right. I'm not sure why, as I did my usual ritual of transfer, Solvaset, and gloss varnish before the Dullcote, but somehow the transfer still shows its edges. Oh, well. Nothing to be done for it now...

Plasma-ey death x4 is realized.
I also finished the fourth and final Chaos Space Marine squad at the same time. Finally! I'm down to the last few models! I'll be spending today painting them up and hopefully I'll post them here ASAP. Thanks again to Demitra for the great idea I'm using to fill out the squad.

It's really nice to have an almost fully painted army. It's thrilling to see all your minis arrayed on the table ready to do battle. I think it makes your dice roll better too.

I'm still considering a transport option for them. I'm really not happy that these guys don't fit into a GW figure case. You'd think the company that manufactures them would take such things into account, but whatever. Now is not the time to complain. It's almost time for a big ol' celebration. Onward to the Chaos Cultists and victory over another army!

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