Monday, April 22, 2013


Yep, my first Heldrake is done and dusted. I'm ready to try it out on the table tomorrow. This has been one of the most trying models I have put together in a very long time. First of all, the assembly is a nightmare. The wing arms don't go together well, they're a ball and socket joint that you have to hold in place as it dries. Worst of all is the neck. Once again a ball and socket joint, but this time only the top half of the socket is there to join to. I had to sort of blend model cement and superglue in order to get the neck into place. After I Zip Kicked the neck into place, the model cement did its thing creating a strong bond between the two parts.

Painting, as mentioned before, was an experience I don't care to repeat, but I'll have to in order to finish Heldrake #2.

...But it's break time from bronze, at least for the most part. I've finished assembling my Bloodletters and as soon as the glue holding the ballast to their bases dries they'll be getting the ol' primer treatment. Just like everything else I'll be working up from black to a pale fleshtone. Horns will be black, hilts and crossguards for their Hellblades will be bronze, and the blades of their weapons will be the same yellow green as the Chaos Lord's and Daemon Prince's weapons.

It'll be nice to have so much more of my army done. I can really see things beginning to take shape.

My army list has morphed again. This time from 1,500 points up to 1,750. What's in it you ask? well, that's a secret for tomorrow. Get ready Demitra, there's a whole new look for my servants of the Blood God headed your way!


  1. Your helldrake looks very good. Nicely painted.

  2. Looks like I really need to finish those Knights off. Not that they'll do much against two Heldrakes...