Friday, November 18, 2011

Ogre-ey Goodness

These guys or my Skaven?
Well, with the completion of my Mournfangs (no painting to report since, I'm afraid to say) I have the itch to get my Warhammer on. I have two new lists to try out, one is my Skaven in which I drop my Rat Ogres for Plague Monks, the other is my Ogre Kingdoms army pictured to the right. I already have a game set up for next week, which will hopefully result in a battle report, in which I've promised to field Ikit Claw. I want to run a fluffy list, so I need to paint up that second Warp-Lightning Cannon- but I digress.

I have an Ogre Kingdoms army list I'm fairly pleased with, but it needs some tweaking- that tweaking being a handful of Sabertusks for anti-war machine duty. I'm pretty sure the Tyrant is a touch overkill, so I want to drop him for a Bruiser with similar gear. I'll not post the future army list just yet- but I will drop this one on you.

 -Tyrant (general) w/ great weapon, Gut Maw, The Other Trickster's Shard, Giantbreaker- 307 pts.
-Slaughtermaster w/ additional hand weapon, level 4 wizard, Dispel Scroll- 312 pts.

-Bruiser (battle standard bearer) w/ heavy armor, Charmed Shield, Talisman of Preservation- 184 pts.
-Firebelly w/ great weapon, level 2 wizard, Hellheart- 214 pts.

-7 Ogres w/ ironfists, bellower, standard bearer- 244 pts.
-7 Ogres w/ ironfists, bellower, standard bearer- 244 pts.
-10 Ironguts w/ bellower, standard bearer, Banner of  Eternal Flame- 460 pts.

-4 Leadbelchers- 172 pts.
-4 Mournfang Cavalry- musician, standard bearer, Dragonhide Banner- 362 pts.

2,499 pts.

Looks good on paper, but how will it perform on the battlefield? That question may well be answered today.

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  1. I know you love the ratmen, but just the idea of that Ogre cavalry is super sexy. If they're half as awesome on the table as they are in my imagination then I think the choice is clear.