Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Another Two-Fer, This Time: Terrain

As I sit here pondering the idea of a 40k escalation "League" (if you can call two people a league) I have come to a conclusion. My current 6'x4' table is simply out of date. I have a desert themed table that would look much better, and has a lot more line-of-sight blocking terrain. This, of course, leads me to a couple of problems.

One- I need two more 2'x2' squares to make the table out of.
Two- I need more fine ballast to texture the boards.
Three- I may need to buy new paint. Mine has been in storage since early fall, and I'm sue re all the pigment has settled to the bottom. What I'm not sure about is being able to re-mix the paints without making a gigantic mess somewhere in / near the apartment.
Four- I need a new paint roller. Or at least the spongy bit that goes over it. I'm sure Wal*Mart has one, it's just another thing on my terrain building checklist.

More terrain would be even better, as I'm not so sure I have enough terrain to fill up a quarter of a 6'x4' table, but if not I'm pretty close.

Once the two other board sections are / would be done, I('d) need to flock and Static Grass the sections, as right now they're bare.

This project would need to be put off until the snow stops around here any way and the temperature is a bearable state for some time.

This is a project I'd love to jump on, but weather and space constraints keep getting in the way. Don't think for a second though that this is over- My MalifauX / Warmachine boards and terrain components will not go to waste!

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  1. While I have an extra-late and super-secret Christmas plan for you, my offer to help with terrain still stands. It can't be rainy and miserable here forever...