Friday, January 29, 2016

Darkness Beckons

I'm trucking along.

With the help of a blizzard trapping my wife and me in our apartment, lots of daemons have been ripped off their old bases, trimmed to size (removing tabs and cutting down old bases), and glued to their new round and roundish bases. I've also started sanding (by which I mean gluing sand to) some of them.

Yep, those are the old "Diaz Daemonettes". I know they're worth a fortune, but I want them for myself. Even more so those Seekers. They were out for what seemed to be only a couple of minutes, and I own some. Go me! Rebasing the Bloodletters was sort of an issue. I ended up having to chop the base up rather than cut their feet off, which ended up making them look... interesting. Hopefully some clever work with sand will fix that.

Down toward the front are some gnoblars I'm raiding my bits box to make Horrors out of. A few snips here, the gluing of random bits there, and when I'm done I should have what look like impish creatures mocking reality. Once again I had to cut sections of base off before gluing them down to their new rounds.

Another classic oddity comes in the form of this Lord of Change. He's from back when I first started playing 40k, which if you know this model as well dates us both. His base is a GW 50mm from the Centurion kits. I just bought them off of eBay loose. Also, I added the smoke billowing from the Hell Pit Abomination's mace hand in front of the Lord. I'm going to paint it up as some form of blue energy flowing forth to form one of his spells.

Speaking of loose bits from eBay, I went ahead and picked up some High Elf chariots and Steeds of Slaanesh loose as well. All in all, once I added two Daemonettes and some of the old metal wheels from the old Chaos Chariot kit, I was able to build each chariot for around $9 a pop. Not too shabby.

The next mini is a Nurgle Chaos Lord I did a quick head swap to in order to make a Herald. I've always thought that this was a great mini, so I used this project as an excuse to buy him. His new head was cut from the Dark Eldar Venom jetbike trophy racks.

That's it for now. According to UPS I should be getting Ninja All-Stars today, so I'll be taking a quick break from Daemons to try the game out, but after that it's straight back to work!

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