Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mystical Mice

One of my birthday presents this year was a surprise- a very welcome one at that. As you may have gathered from the title as well as the image to the right, I got a copy of Mice and Mystics. Now, I am a BIG fan of the Redwall novels, and a board game that approximates these books is a more than welcome addition to my already generous collection. This would be great alone, but there was an added bonus. The game is gorgeous. Let me repeat that- the game is gorgeous. the art has a very storybook feel, and the components are made of very sturdy cardboard. There are also excellent sculpts of the mouse heroes, as well as their foes. The box has six mice, eight roaches, six rats, and two very large sculpts; a spider and a centipede. at first I was willing to let these minis be. The sculpting is excellent, with fine crisp detail and very few mold lines. There were of course a couple of burs where the minis had been separated from their frames before assembly, and the plastic is the typical sorta flexy plastic. About on par in terms of flexibility with the GW Finecast resin. I wasn't exactly thrilled with that, but it's a board game not a miniatures game.

...Then I went to the company's website. There I found the picture to the left. A fully painted set. Well painted too. That sold me. I'm going to paint up my set as well. This is sort of a leap of faith since I have yet to actually play the game, but look at those pieces! Even if the game is abysmal they'll look good on display.

I've been in a bit of a painting rut lately as between X-Wing miniatures (which are prepainted) and the fact that my regular Sunday gaming group (sort of) plays Magic: The Gathering. Again, there is very little painting involved in trading card games. The primary reason for this is that I am now working earlier on Tuesday, and we only have an hour or two to game on Sunday nights. Those games are quick and easy to play, so there's no doubt that we'll be able to finish a given game before Real Life gets in the way.

My next post will feature my fully painted roaches and rats, so unfortunately no images from my camera today.

...Also, I've been having a bit of a crisis of faith on a certain wargame's front. That's a rant for a different entry though.

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