Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interweb Outage

Well, my home internet has crashed and Cox has been far less than helpful in assisting us trying to get things back up and running. Due to them wanting to charge us $100+ to get the service we pay them for back, we're switching to Verizon FiOS. Because of this switchover I'll be without internet for a little while, at least until Saturday night. This internet blackout leads to me being unable to post the article I wanted to share on me painting the newest Super Dungeon Explore minis. I promise I'll have that article up ASAP. In return I offer you geek cheesecake. Don't let this image fool you, it's not just Princess Leia at her slave girl best, it's also a hint as to which game system I've taken the plunge into.
Maybe tomorrow I'll slap something together here at work when I upload all my images onto my flash drive, but Internet Explorer won't let me add pictures to my folder. It's a bit annoying to tell you the truth. Any way, I hope to have these problems resolved ASAP, but it could be a while until something of substance comes from here.
Fair warning.

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