Friday, September 7, 2012

Dark Angel Deathwing Disaster?

Well, my Deathwing Assault Squad is fully painted. How did they turn out? Keep reading to see the answer!

I of course started with a bonewhite primer (thanks Army Painter!) and built up from there. The conundrum I faced from there was how to shade them. I decided on a Dark Fleshtone dip based on Vallejo paints. I got out my chemical agent dish (a little thing I picked up from my grocery store dedicated to stuff I wouldn't want my cooking to share a dish with) and squirted some Dark Fleshtone into it. Afterward I thinned the paint out with Pledge floor wax, leaving me with this stuff:
A heavy layer across the entirety of the models left me with all the shading I needed. Sorry about a lack of a picture at this stage, but I was on a roll.

Like the rest of my Deathwing I then went over all the weapons and shields with black paint. I then picked out all of the metallic areas with Chainmail and Shining Gold. It was at this point I realized I had made a grievous error- the metal areas were not dipped! I again mixed up some Dark Fleshtone dip and set about touching up the neglected areas. Following that I went over the neglected areas with Dark Angels Green and gave the electrified plates on the Thunder Hammers a Purple Ink glaze, and came up with the following:

A quick application of the Deathwing broken sword wrapped up the endeavor.

No real flaws other than the shade not quite matching the rest of the army, but on the table you can"t really tell.

Sorry about the short article, but it was a short painting process. Until next time, seeyuh!!!

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